The faithfulness of God in your life shall be seen! Bursting onto the scene! Into the areas where there’s been ravage and ripped at the seams! Many of the affiliations you’ve walked through, you’ve been delivered from!

You’re going to see the faithfulness of God bursting onto the scene! Where you’ve been let down, left for dead, manipulated, falsely accused in your town! Transparent and true, you’ve held the line and come through! Don’t buckle! Don’t cave! You’re going to see delivery and what you need as faithful ones are coming your way too!

Where there’s been torsion, twisting, and harm, in this new season you shall see release from hard!

Where you’ve been unable to move forward and it’s been a waiting game, in this next move, you’re going to see the King of Glory move!

The slate wiped clean, you darling shall glean! Lean and glean seeing miracles of healing, breakthrough, provision as heaven leads!

There’s a truce over your life, over the hardship, over it all queen. You’re going to see faithful ones stand alongside you as you lean! Friends that are closer than a brother! Those who give a helping hand! Other’s of you shall see strong and courageous and make a stand!! No longer watered down by fear, foreboding! Insecurity and lack behind your back!

You’re a dream darling heart! Swimming upstream! Hold the line, breakthrough and break-free you shall see from the dart!

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, the LORD delivers us from them all! Dead mans bones shall rise up and go! Many of the difficulties you’ve faced have been opportunities for demonstrations of the faithfulness of God to flow! Your miracle, a testimony for the next persons in the go! Heaven has your heart! Faithfulness is never- ever running out on you from the start!

In your weakness, in your pain, this is where the miracle maker floods in, invited into our situations, we say REIGN!

You’re a winner grinner! A good man, a good woman- can’t be kept down! NO matter the opposition, you’re NOT going down!

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