Home from football with child 5, have the tail end of bronchitis, my back is stiff and sore, but I’m on the mend! Would have taken myself off to the garden show in my city this weekend to celebrate life in the pause, all in good time!!

Sending a hug and love to all you Mom’s out there! Those without a partner to celebrate you, those who don’t get celebrated in your family! Those of you estranged from children and family, those of you who’ve poured your life out and haven’t heard or seen your kids for years! Other’s of you celebrating while on work shift, others being celebrated with your children and grandchildren by your side!

You ARE seen! Dearly loved, a dream team! The best version of you, you are! What’s in your heart and hands enough! Amid a society which has unrealistic expectations and a never ending piece of string!

Parenting is a marathon! Decades of sacrificial commitment, unsung, courage, kind! Heart training, serving, love makes it worth while!

Seeing them launched, fly, is no mean feat! 3 of mine are launching, 2 younger ones coming through! I get it! A mother’s heart is fine and fierce, you’re a dream queen! Celebrated!

Whether you’re honoured, acknowledged or feel unseen! All of Heaven sees! Hugs and a cuppa kiss from me!



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