Religion binds, it’s locked up, powerless in the carnal mind. Many have walked through the fires of trials, tradition and religion that binds. There’s been stunted, emotional and mental and the frustration that comes with feeling munted. You are enough! You are dearly loved! Out of the bind and into the realm of eternal that’s fine.. you’re going to be okay!! Where religion and tradition have had you in a bind, where you’ve suffered horrific mental torment through the mosaic law, you’re going to come into a safe and soft place of acceptance and more.. no more locked up, no more pent up! No more trapped in tradition, in religion, in a place of bind!

You are a find, you darling, are on God’s mind! His mind is made up on you! He’s not a harsh task master, a beating stick! Love is not blind, love is God and love calls you, “mine!” You’re going to be fine.. there’s a crossing over at this time.

You want more.. you want stability in relationships, you want to connect and feel apart and you darling are going to break free and experience a soft landing where you’ve been under enemy attack and it feels like bullet holes and hell! You’re going to trust the nature of God in you and trust others as well! Out of the carnal mind, seeing with your spiritual eyes, walking in the light with revelation knowledge, you’re his dime! A diamond in the dust, one whose going to be able to trust! See, you came THROUGH your parents, not from them. The Word and Spirit are going to ignite and you’re going to see God’s best where its been a dim light! A soft landing for you. Peace for your troubled mind. Rest. Peace at last and the capacity in God to dance! You darling are fine! There’s nothing wrong with you! Out with the old and in with the new!

Shift has come! Your heart, your mind, your life is One! You are a find and Daddy God has got you son! No longer on the run, you can come.. as you are.. lay it all down, the defence, the religious mind, the ideals you’ve held up as a measuring stick. A safe space is here for you to come. You can lay down arms, lay down the high mind. You’re going to relax and see your muscles soften too. No more hiding from the light, all things bright! That religious spirit that’s dogged you, walls around your mind, lay it down, you’re going to encounter mercy’s kiss! Dive deep and no longer see dust! Dearly loved, deeply loved, not defective, you’re going to live a meaningful, peaceful, wholesome, relationally enriched life! You are his dime, you’ve not run out of time- you’re going to be fine!

1 John 4:18-19 TPT

Love never brings fear, for fear is always related to punishment. But love’s perfection drives the fear of punishment far from our hearts.Whoever walks constantly afraid of punishment, has not reached love’s perfection. Our love for others is our grateful response to the love first demonstrated to us.” (You have the mind of Christ deposited in you at Salvation- the power to walk in the Spirit out of the carnal mind). Galatians 5.

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