Burning on my heart, the heart of the Father to prosper you amid poor past decisions, there’s a soft landing in the arms of Daddy for you! For those who have given so much to raise up others out of poverty thinking, you’re going to see your hearts desire fulfilled too!

Do not settle amid the wrestle! The Way of life leads you! You’re going to see alignment for assignment and the right partnerships too! MANY have lost wealth, inheritance and the set up for the next generation through a poverty mindset that’s mocked you! But there’s more!! Much more in store!

For those of you in unjust, restricted, dishonoured, controlled situations, don’t you worry! God is WAY bigger than any man made box you’ve been put in! You’re free to be! Free as a bird, even through it may be prison chains you see! You’re going to run free! Fly free! Those restrictions, those barriers, those prison chains shall fall off you! DO NOT SETTLE! Nestle! Meditate, eat the word, day and night, you’re a shining light! These prison walls shall fall! The financial duress, the overwhelm, the overload, WISDOM is with you as you teach your sons and daughters to steward, to invest, GO!

Many of you are going to see divine favour, the right connections and the VERY BEST IS COMING to you! The support that you need! True love that sees! THE RIGHT ONES ARE COMING!

You’re going to see a mind blowing turnaround, all your suffering, the unjust difficulty! The robbing of your time. The constriction the enemy has come to put you in shall fall! Every evil plot, every foe shall bow their knee, desist and go! You’re a peace poet! The nations are your inheritance and you’re going to see legacy in inheritance in land and assets to be stewarded to your children’s children! Faith with you, favour with you, WISDOM to steward as you call!

Generous receiver, PURE HEART, you’re going to see explosive growth!

WISDOM calls!

You understand stewardship! Faithful with little, (money) faithful with much (hearts!) You’re going to see the HOPE of GLORY make WAY as you pey- declare, decree! Faith has led you here to become a generous receiver to steward, invest! DO NOT SETTLE! (Small thinking)

Some of you will partner in this season with investors, faithful stewards raised up to walk along side of you! FAVOR lead! Contrite and true, your heart is laser focused on true riches, the HOPE of GLORY in you! DO NOT SETTLE!

Keep decreeing the Word, Truth, the Goodness and FAITHFULNESS of God, seen!

You’re going to see it’s all a SET UP to launch you!

Dear mentors, faithful and true – the price you’ve paid has been great!!! You’ve helped SO MANY up and OUT of decades of entrenched views that are nothing but poverty! Faithfully you’ve shown up teaching wisdom, teaching truth! You’re going to meet YOUR mate! Your match made in heaven coming to you! Believe it!! What heaven has lined up for you is mind-blowing, true!

I see your heart, it’s fierce, it’s tender, you’ve helped SO many get on their feet! Un-embed poverty mindsets embraced over decades by culture, by tradition, the HOPE of GLORY released through you! Faithful one, you’re going to see a miracle of romantic love lined up for you!

These are GAME-CHANGING times! FAITH is the even playing field! ALL are called, few choose to be chosen. YOU have a destiny and you steward well! Faith the essence of power in you, with you! Not empty wishes, false hope, the ESSENCE of GOODNESS and FAITHFULNESS revealed to you, released through you! Good steward, faith has positioned you! Faith leads you- THROUGH!

You have everything you need to steward- the wisdom to call, the wisdom to scale! You’ve cried out to God for wisdom and Wisdom is restoring all to you amid the fall!

Proverbs 13:22- 23 NKJV

“ A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous. Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor, and for lack of justice their is waste.”


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