This is not the end of the road for you!! In fact it’s the dawning of a NEW day! Faith is calling you! You MUST NOT SETTLE in doubt about your circumstances! It’s time to see the power of God with you!! You HAVE NOT missed out!

Your patient wait, your heart to follow, laid down lover you are going to see HERO! Your heart is soft and pliable! One who’s willing to go where others will not go! Status quo must go! I know it’s difficult, it’s rocky terrain. The mountain you’re on seems to cause you much pain! You’re building faith muscle! Faith pleases Daddy! His fire and presence with you as you go!

You’re a deliverer for others so they can go! Wrap around presence with you dear! Be free amid fear, oppression, anxiety! You’re a mother to nations, do you know? The familiar and the uncomfortable, false labels, dishonour from those who should honour -Jesus knows! He was betrayed by the closest to him. Left for dead, sweat and bled!

Many of you are going to see fulfilment of tomorrow! I know circumstances seem impossible and to you your story looks more like a wasteland of sorrow! There’s no dowry, no inheritance, not even honour while you’re raising your children- you’ve had to queue for bread! But you KNOW whose and who you are! You’re not a victim of circumstance! Hope is here for a better tomorrow!

You’re a queen, in real time -seen! Known before the principalities and powers of darkness and that is why it’s so lean! Keep moving and sowing into others, keep your eyes on peace! Your knees on kneel! You’re going to see your hearts desires fulfilled and reel!


Brick by brick, faith in you, the hope of glory paving way! It’s not over for you queen. You are SO DEARLY LOVED, seen. God has seen your heart, you did the very best with what you had, love has lifted you up and out of that pit of pain and sorrow! Now you’re going to see God’s best yet!

Do not settle! Do not prostitute yourself for a pot of soup! Do not marry a meal ticket, settle! You are worth the wait, marry the man or woman who sees you, wants you and believes in you! Men, pursue!! A woman is a prize to be won! The one who’s prepared to run with you! Many worry about inheritance, scaling wealth, worried about who’s out to steal their wealth! Earthly measurements will not do!

“Keep your eyes on Me, says the King of Glory! I see! You’ve chosen Me and that’s all you need!”

The right partnerships are coming! The gate crashing, miraculous shall be seen! The right one will find you, the right one will pursue you! You are seen as the flower you are and the queen! Roar lion, it’s the enemy who’s head shall be crushed under your feet! You darling, are nestled in Daddy’s presence, kept, sweet! A lot can happen in 3 days! Resurrection power out of this mess shall be seen!

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