Good News! Love’s call is with you amid the fall! You’re either in or out (in belief) amid the crowd! The week before he was crucified they praised him, the week later the crowd screamed, “crucify him!” The Father and Son considered humanity’s fickle in! Palm Sunday is a prophetic picture of the hour we’re in! Saved by Grace through faith! All caught in the snare of sin have RECONCILIATION! God has no intention of wiping out mankind for their sin! Everything’s been done to restore us! Have you let the truth in?

Before the foundation of the earth he knew man would choose the bin! That’s why the Father moved heaven and earth through his Son at the Cross so ALL can enter in! God sees you justified as if you never sinned! There is no punishment! You’ve been made righteous! The Gospel is GOOD NEWS!

How do you know you’re living in Truth?

Do you believe ALL wrath was poured out on Jesus? God isn’t angry or mad. He’s in a gloriously good mood! It’s the Devil who’s the liar, who uses the Bible as a beating stick, appearing as an angel of light, when in fact the emphasis is the EMPTY TOMB! The Cross is where it ALL went down! The legal transaction that took place for all man to choose – through the LAMB!

Death to LIFE, freely we can enter in! Presence sent, present led! Daddy’s heart is postured toward you, so you can enter in!

Perfect love cast the die! You’re only an enemy in your thinking.. this is why we must be drinking! Heart to heart, Spirit to spirit, the King of Glory, Jesus on nigh! Minds renewed to the love of God on high!

VICTORY has come! Over every obstacle, every dart! Over enemy attacks on your heart! You’re not going to fall apart!!

You darling are HIS ROSE, because HE ROSE! He’s focused on what He’s saved you into, not what he’s saved you from! You are seen, washed clean! Loved unconditionally queen! Where you’ve been bound in confusion and double minded, Holy Spirit is lifting you up you so you can breathe, come freely into his presence, just be!

Wrap around presence is with you queen!

Isaiah 53:6 NKJV “All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned every one to his own way, and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”

May be an image of text that says 'Vlessed IS THE ONE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. -Matthew 21:9'

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