Don’t worry about the jealous ones! Those with knives in your back, furious they can’t have what you have, their attitudes haven’t been right!

It’s after the birthing of the vision and dream (often taking 30+ years to reach,) that the warfare gets real! You get to see the full deal! Who’s in, who’s out, who simply doesn’t care.

You learn to LEAN and LET GO as you steward the Father’s heart! You may experience pain from those you’ve served under for years when you step out of the box, some simply don’t see the bigger picture you do- they see you as the individual broken and insecure long ago who walked in the door. Others are simply insecure, as you rise you may be seen as competition for their weekly pay-check. There will be those in the congregation who label you as a rebel, other’s will release you!

These parts of your growth will be chapters for those you’ll meet ahead now! Sow it all, you’ll be fine! The scary, the I don’t know, the risk, the dream! YOU WILL GROW AS YOU GO providing SHADE and protection under your leaves! The glory of God upon you as you flow!

For some of you, like it was for me, the greatest pain will come from those in your immediate circle, especially those of you in marriages which are not what they seem. They’re more than ‘ups and downs’, challenges fought together all around. These relationships cause you to drown! Once the fire of God leads you out, you’ll be tarred and feathered but God will HEAL YOU. You’ll see his fire and presence amid the fight! Your heart will heal from the battle, as you walk in perfect love, contrite! God always gets the glory as we trust Him to make way from the start!

He will give you hearts to sow into in your line and He will bring one’s and two’s, those who sow, bless and support you at every juncture, amid every dart! The biggest hurdle is keeping your heart contrite! Especially when your journey on is ambushed by those wanting to tear you apart!

Jealous in every sense of the word, it’s a demonic spirit and it rears its ugly head through work, through betrayal, through identity theft, financial ruin, family, friends, anyone who has access to you and your children… God will protect you and provide for you and make a way for you where there seems no way!

DO NOT GIVE UP following the wind of the Spirit, you are protected from the start! Darling, you’re his rose surrounded in this world by thorns. You may feel some days you’re going to bleed out, REST in the gaps! Rest in his love! The King of Glory has faced it all and WON for you amid the fall!

Gethesamie- it ALL!

All the souls you’ll get to touch, lead to life, see healed, delivered, set ablaze, come to LIFE is your legacy and your children’s children (natural, adopted, step, discipled) will be as numerous as the stars in the night! IT’S WORTH IT ALL!

Your heart is the key, the Word and Spirit, ignite! Stay the course, follow heaven’s lead! You’re a David, raised on the backside of a hill in the night! The bear and lion you’ve fought and won, you’re a conduit of God’s strength amid the battle for souls! A Heart that’s contrite! A heart that’s willing to fight for those lost and dying, lifting up, releasing LIFE! The nations are yours!

You’re going to see blessing upon blessing! Daddy’s made a way, he’s given you favour amid rejection, hold the line and carry on! IT’S ALL GOING TO WORK OUT RIGHT!

Have a blessed weekend,

Veronica McDonald

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