Heaven sees you queen! Sons and daughters, you are seen! Many of you feel your voice has been choked out under the lies and slime that’s been put on you! I’m standing here to tell you Heaven has seen, Heaven has reprieve and it’s the voice of God that lifts you up and out queen!

The diabolical lies sent to take you out, character assassinations that are not right, outright lies in an attempt to keep you down shall not find a landing strip in your mind! You are a diamond! A great dispenser of light! Strength and stay is with you all the way. It’s fascinating how the flesh and demonic entities lash when it’s their final day! Hearts are revealed when things don’t go their way! I’m standing here to categorically tell you, you’re not going to drown, the enemy is a clown!

The exhaustion and wiped out, feeling like you want to crawl in a hole and die. That my friend is a demonic spirit that’s attached to word curses sent to finish you off, die! Don’t worry about a thing, the enemy does NOT have a thing! Your character behind closed doors and at work is seen! Your hands are CLEAN!

I see you queen! Holy Spirit shows me in dreams. There’s been so many over the years. The entire scene will play out in a dream and I will sit up like a lightning bolt in my bed and pace the room, pray for your life! Years down the track, exposure happens. Do not allow the enemy to snuff you out! Suicide is not the way out! You are loved, you are seen! You are going to FLY queen!!! Do not give into shame, fear, intimidation, the fact no one takes you seriously when you’re screaming out for help around you queen! The worry of how you’re going to go! God goes before you queen. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

You may not have the runs on the board right now for the level of provision that you need. Especially if your natural father did not provide financial stability as a child. It’s a new skill, learning to TRUST Daddy has your best interests at heart! He’s got people and solutions ALREADY lined up for you ahead.. widows in the night, compassionate ones who follow through and will be SENT to help you..

Just take one step forward each day, keep moving, you’re going to see songs of FREEDOM, songs of JOY and live a long and peaceful life!

May be an image of horse and text that says 'Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me, GOD is already there.'

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