We’re going to see an emergence of ‘end time’ power couples in the years ahead! Couples who know ministry is not about doing, it’s about being. Those who make others upright in the Fathers love! Not enamoured by ‘star’ quality or fame! Not in it for ‘the ride’ but ONE in VISION ON MISSION!

These husband and wife teams will be PURPOSE focused. One in SONSHIP. Companions with boots on the ground, plugged in, having fun!

We’re going to see an emergence of power couples, full of gratitude and humility, tried, tested, TRUE! Laser focused, committed to each other, contrite! Laid down lovers in the night!

Ones who have secure attachments, have done soul work, un-embedded fear based mindsets, prepared themselves to be relationship ready, activated in FAITH that works! These couples will be known as ones who take down strongholds! They will lift other’s up, vinedressers in every town!

We’re going to see power couples emerge who steward the CALL and anointing amid the fall, breaking though tradition and culture who’ve paid a price but they are God’s remnant who’ve been handpicked by God’s grace! Where lives have been tangled up in fiery darts of delay, disappointment, heartache and pain, the testimony of power couples will release restoration for MANY lives caught up in delay!

These power couples were never ‘left for dead and alone’ they’ve walked through fire, come out with God’s presence touched by heaven, unquenchable, never alone! These ones refused to give up in their darkest hour, amid impossible situations, amid suffering and pain, amid years of hardship, loneliness, isolation and mocked days! These ones carry HEALING OIL that’s going to release MASSES from enemy foil! We’re going to see power couples emerge, hearts on fire, full of heavenly desire!

Power couples are coming to the forefront in this ‘hour’ (days, weeks, months, decade ahead).

It’s time to GET YOURSELF ready!

Allow the process of refiners fire, allow heaven’s healing balm to touch every fibre of your soul that doubts and is afraid to roll! Keep moving forward in preparation, you have God’s leading amid uncomfortable, unconventional! You’re not going to stay the same, you’re going to SLAY! Remain real and raw before the Spirit of God, the GIFT of FAITH has made way!

MANY souls will be made well as they drink and eat living bread, living water, made well!

Divine intervention has made way where you’ve seen hell! Soul winner, your life has been spared! The message is clear! You reflect PERFECT LOVE here! You’re going to be alright! Your hearts desires shall be fulfilled! You’re going to see miracles in the night! Holy fire!

Don’t roll over and die in your natural thinking, be RESOLVED that GOD ALMIGHTY has a part for you INVOLVED!

With man it’s not possible, but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Where the romantic side of you feels like it’s died, you’re going to see an awakening! You are oiled for more! Two can set thousands to flight! The right partnerships are coming together for the purpose of HARVEST.

We’re going to see a love revolution take place where hearts have given up! PERFECT LOVE demonstrated on Earth! Power couples who willingly say YES to GOD’S BEST! Destiny motivated! Led by LOVE! Seeing hearts resurrected from dead, won by love!

Daniel 12:3 TPT

“Those who are wise will shine radiantly as the sky at midday. And those who turn many to the way of righteousness will shine brightly as stars for all eternity.”


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