There is much exposure happening across the body of Christ worldwide at this time. It’s not time to say, ‘I told you so’ or gloat even though feeling validation in your suffering. The LORD shall deliver you from it all!

It’s with clean hands and pure hearts we bow low; trust MERCY to triumph where there’s been blow!

Many of you have been in freeze mode, unable to stand, speak up, it’s been a trauma response, now you’re going to shake it off and go!

Rest assured, where you’ve been tied and bound (through twisted theology, physical and or sexual abuse, culture, spirit of fear, intimidation, crumbs of money, deprivation of liberty) TRUE JUSTICE is going to deliver you through it all!

God’s goodness won’t be mocked! Where there’s been power and control, we’re going to see heads roll! There are consequences to high minds, unrepentant hearts and pride! Pride always comes before a fall! It’s with humility that the Spirit of God leads. Rest assured, God is in control!

Your children’s children’ shall eat from the carcass of your past! Courage that’s KIND! Sweet PEACE and FAVOUR that provides!

Warriors arise!

Stand and watch as the LORD delivers you from it all! The flesh, rotten fruit, chaos and all that’s attached to power and control! Pride brings strife! With humility you shall fly!

There’s a changing of guard in 2024! God’s MERCY shall triumph as you stand amid it all!

Psalm 24 The Passion Translation

The King of Glory

David’s poetic praise to God

Creation’s King

1Yahweh claims the world as his.

Everything and everyone belong to him!

2He’s the one who pushed back oceans

to let the dry ground appear,

planting firm foundations for the earth.

Who Comes before the King?

3Who, then, is allowed to ascend the mountain of Yahweh?

And who has the privilege of entering into God’s Holy Place?

4Those who are clean—whose works and ways are pure,

whose hearts are true and sealed by the truth,

those who never deceive, whose words are sure.

5They will receive Yahweh’s blessing

and righteousness given by the Savior-God.

6They will stand before God,

for they seek the pleasure of God’s face, the God of Jacob.

Pause in his presence

The King is Coming!

7So wake up, you living gateways!

Lift up your heads, you doorways of eternity!

Welcome the King of Glory,

for he is about to come through you.

8You ask, “Who is this King of Glory?”

Yahweh, armed and ready for battle,

Yahweh, invincible in every way!

9So wake up, you living gateways, and rejoice!

Fling wide, you eternal doors!

Here he comes; the King of Glory is ready to come in.

10You ask, “Who is this King of Glory?”

He is Yahweh, armed and ready for battle,

the Mighty One, the invincible commander of heaven’s hosts!

Yes, he is the King of Glory!


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