In 2024, you’re going to see the angel called SWIFT breathe on your sail. You’re going to see the angel called swift accelerate you amid your need. It’s not time to bleed. The knives, the attacks shall fall to the ground as you continue to move forward, you’re going to see leaps and bounds!

The angel called SWIFT is leading you out of lack! 2024 is the year for the remnant to soar. It’s time to keep moving forward amid the fall! It’s always green for go in the Kingdom of God. Walking in the Spirit is a life of rest (doing word) amid the test!

This is your time! To lift your sights releasing the unknown and sigh, you shall not prematurely die. In fact, you’ll be blown away at how God works in and through you in the days ahead, your yes is leading you in good stead! The captain of hosts with you! You shall not drift off course or be blown over in a gale. You have left port and set sail!

Many things surround our lives that are sent to cause fear, distraction and drain. In heaven’s name you REIGN. Keep your eyes on the AUTHOR and PERFECTER of faith! You’re positioned for breakthrough!

It’s time to move forward amid situations that are unclear. Personal development is key to stewarding your soul amid the fall. Unpack the trauma, don’t park there! Pray and release, move forward; Peace.

At the next hurdle, do the same again! Present in the present, a pause in Daddy’s presence! You’re a game changer in Jesus name! Unlock, unload, release! Holy Spirit empowers with forgiveness and release!

Boundaries in place, deeply known, perfected in love; you’re a reflection of truth, Peace!

In a vision this week, I saw the angel called SWIFT. Your situation may be dark, bleak and terrifying. It’s always darkest before dawn. You will see light! Religion wants ducks in a row, tie and bind, control. Messy is BEAUTIFUL friend. The mess you see right now is compelling! Your heart and life yielded to heaven is a conduit for God’s power! SWIFT is with you in this hour!

Kingdom order in lives you’ll see! You are sent as a PEACE POET to lead others in heaven’s roar. Eyes to see and the power of love to lead! In the interim, you’re going to see SWIFT meet needs! In the long term your wildest dreams shall COME TRUE, you shall see! You must keep moving forward at this junction!! Do not pivot! Keep going! The angel called SWIFT is leading you in heaven’s lead.

Get counselling, get coaching, get into that course. Follow promptings, SWIFT lead! In the pouring into self in 2024, you’re going to see growth, provision, acceleration, heavens acceleration lead!

It’s time to move forward in the call, amid it all, in the fall!

In God we trust; yes received, heaven lead!

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