Where you feel so alone right now in overwhelm of responsibility, in decisions that need to be made, in life’s challenges, finance and all the difficulties you face, know this- you are not alone! Wisdom is with you in the transition and you’re going to be able to move forward!

You’re going to see a second wind, a fresh bounce in your step! As you take time to breathe, take time to receive. Becoming a generous receiver in wisdom and insight, taking flight.

Many distractions are at play right now, because you are on the cusp of your upgrade! The swirling in your mind, the natural versus the mind of Christ! You’re at the drawing to close of an arduous season of sowing seed in the night and the dawning of a NEW season with provision, support and the right alignments in sight!!

The right doors that you need to open shall open as these ones completed close. You are going to see justice in the night. Where it’s been a battle over you heart, your family, your health, your life. You’re going to see the power of God deliver you and everything shall be alright!!

Take time to pause, breathe, rest. It is finished over your destiny, over your life, over the test! You’re going to see favour in your hand and favour in the land. Finance that keeps you afloat as you lead out in heaven’s’ boat.

The support that you need in the ones and two’s that come alongside you.

You are a diamond that shines bright! A great dispenser of light! You friend are going to see all things bright!

Hold the line. Take a pause, rest tonight. It’s all coming together, and it’s all going to work out right in the year of the door, 2024!

Proverbs 3:21-26 TPT

Wisdom Our Hiding Place

“My child, never drift off course from these two goals for your life: to walk in wisdom and to discover your purpose. Don’t ever forget how they empower you. For they strengthen you inside and out and inspire you to do what’s right; you will be energized and refreshed by the healing they bring. They give you living hope to guide you, and not one of life’s tests will cause you to stumble. You will sleep like a baby, safe and sound- your rest will be sweet and secure. You will not be subject to terror, for it will not terrify you. Nor will the disrespectful be able to push you aside, because God is your confidence in times of crisis, keeping your heart at rest in every situation.”


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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