You’re going to see incredible retribution in this new season and right now, God is busy behind the scenes ironing a few things out! Where you’ve carried a deep sense of heaviness and the burdens of this life have caused you to feel overwhelmed and swallowed up by strife; you’re going to see the presence of God resuscitate you, giving you fresh wind, breath of life!

It’s time to expect BIG! To expect God to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. You are oiled for a purpose and you are kept by perfect love! The Prince of Peace has appointed guardians over your life. You shall see the provision that you need and peace over the troubled waters that have come to cause a breach.

Wisdom walks with you. You love the unlovely. You walk in peace. You are a poet before the spirit of God and not weak! The mis-guided, the ones who have caused evil shall fall to their knees! Repentance shall be seen! You will administrate all you’ve been entrusted with which will feed them in time to come.

Like Jospeh, you are one with clean hands and the heart of a lion having come through much spin! It’s time to expect the glory of God to be seen! I see you with a smile on the inside and a bounce in your step!

You’ve leapt over mountains of impossibility and not be swept away by raging seas! You are a conquerer! A great dispenser of light! One who’s legacy leaves triumph and life! You’re going to be alright!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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