A conduit is you! A channel for conveying water that’s living and true! Many of the hearts God has lined up for you to connect with are coming to you! Willing and able you’re going to see heaven flow!

Many of the hearts we’ve had the honour and privilege to work with have been through the ‘gift of faith!’ It’s been in a place of hemmed in, isolation, stuck and having to ‘start over’ that I’ve seen the power of God flow! It’s been an attitude of seen and known that we’ve allowed the power of God to flow.

Many of the students we’ve worked with over the last decade have been free of charge because of prison, because of poverty mindsets needing to be broken through or because of living beyond their means and/or a lifestyle of debt! Donations have kept us going..

Many of these souls have seen the lights come on! Have learned to harness their emotions, understood whose and who they are and have got free from cycles of defeat! The Gospel is simple, but it’s not simplistic! It’s full of Holy Spirit power!

A little about me.. I’m a single mother with 5 children. I do not own property, I once did.. I have no family here, and had no place to run to, to ‘recover’ from a life-saving divorce in 2017. I have simply laid my life on the alter and come.. time and time again. Daily. Hourly some days. The power of God has led us as we run!

Like many of you, I see myself as a daughter of the King. One whose life is won! Full of HOPE and LIFE and LOVE! A heart that is strong! ‘Daniels’ who walk with the goodness of God doing exploits!

Money is a tool! It’s a powerful tool! It’s very important to our lives here on earth, we need money. The more important commodity we have been given though is TIME. It’s how we spend our lives and how we spend the Word of God through our lives. Many are distracted by politics and the fear of the sky is falling that keeps lives small, not fluid, self-absorbed.. We’ve been called to “come up higher”, to steward the Kingdom of God amid the fall!

As a single Mom, I have 5 children that I daily pour into! (18, 16, 14, 11, 7.) Seeing them raised up in purpose, in calling, in business, in their line!I It’s been a conscious decision to plug in present; to not get distracted by the worlds system of success leaving my post, caught up in my own pain, trying to flesh it out. The buck stops with us! I’m not embarrassed to fill out forms and seek grants of aid and line up in the food bank factory each week to stay out of debt and feed my children healthy food! Wisdom with us! This too shall pass..do what you have to, to not merely survive! You can thrive in a place of ‘not yet’, pain, difficult!

This ‘ministry’ runs because of a daily choice to trust God, not give up and to keep my eyes on the bigger picture amid the daily grind! The next generation coming through is a clean slate!

What’s in your hands today? Are you raising giant slayers in your hands this day? Legacy is a marathon! It’s not a sprint!

Some of you are working in the prison scene in a community capacity in your ‘re-firment’! (retirement) Others of you are helping others’ off the ledge and keeping family safe with your seeds of love and support where there is need! No titles, no flights, simply the hands and feet of Jesus in your towns and streets as you stop for the one! Together, miracles we see!

How can you encounter and encourage with your hands and feet as seed? Your life is full of legacy as you lead! Rivers of living water shall lead!

The power of God gives hearts a hand UP not a hand out! Sow where you see need! You’re created to be a conduit, a funnel for the power and presence of God to flow!

God speed as you go!

Acts 3:7-8 TPT

“Peter held out his right hand to the crippled man. As he pulled the man to his feet, suddenly power surged into his crippled feet and ankles. The man jumped up, stood there for a moment stunned, and then began to walk around! As he went into the temple courts with Peter and John, he kept for joy and shouted praises to God.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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