Your purpose is found in being, light and sound you are found! There’s a breaker anointing upon you tonight! Where you’ve been heart sore, where you’ve felt over and out in heaven’s shout, you’re going to experience increase and more! LIFE where it’s been death, purpose here, found! You’re going to be okay, the presence of God has you sound. Truth and Light, there’s a truce over heart sore tonight!

I see a picture of car in the garage and it’s not been started in a while. The Holy Spirit is taking the key and turning the barrel, fresh fire, fresh desire, found! You’re getting a start up tonight! All things bright! No more Johnny Walker tonight. Heavens’ perspective upon you in the light!

You’re going to see fresh dew! Postured in the truth, your heart and mind are won, true!

I see you excited again! Stirred up! No more numb, no more slump! You’re over the hump! Fresh fire, fresh desire! Passion in the presence of God upon you tonight! Holy Fire! You’re going to be alright. Delivery and deliverance of what you need is here tonight. Longevity of life, release from sadness and strife.

You’re going to see clearly queen. Heaven has your heart, you’re his song! Mission is upon you tonight! You’re going to taste and see and be. I see you as heaven’s hands and feet for others in the night! Purpose has seen.

Your life is won, you know how to come. It may not look like a past season queen, but God’s not finished with you tonight! Hope is springing to life! You have purpose, you are light!

You’re going to settle this thing and walk in his ring! Victory is upon you tonight!

God is Love- The Living Expression (TPT)

1 John 1: “We saw him with our very own eyes, we gazed upon him and heard him speak. Our hands actually touched him, the one who was from the beginning, the Living Expression of God.”

Footnote from translator- “We have plucked the chords of his being and felt what motivated him, his melody within,”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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