Divine alignments are coming your way!! You’re going to see reprieve! Breakthrough indeed! For many of you have headed out in unchartered waters, you’ve faced demonic storms, you’ve experienced times of dead calm, no movement, while others seem to sail along.

There’s been turbulence in the boat too, anguish as the Judas’s betrayed, many jumped off board and you were left with unfailing love, anchored to hope, you’ve clung to that oily chain!!

Breakthrough, relationships of stability, alignments for you are coming sweetheart! Divine alignments are coming! The right alignments in the right time!! All of heaven cheers you on!

The discard, the distraction, the isolation, the false allegations, the betrayal has left you on the rail. Clinging to hope!! Love never fails!! The path ahead is clear!!

You have the skills to sail! The ability to trust the captain, the Host, the navigator of the high seas, the One who’s got you!!

You’re going to see acceleration in the days ahead!! Everything you’ve come through, been through has been a set-up!! Dependable and true with you!!

You’ve grown muscle, you carry great weight! Glory presence, a lightning conductor! A miracle magnet!! Provision, presence, the power of love upon you!

You’re a treasure trove of trust! One who’s a great dispenser of light!! Trustworthy in the night! Faithful in and out of season, known. Heavens delight!! Many many souls are connected to you! Widow with the mite, you’re going to see miraculous financial provision and divine alignments in the night!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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