Acceleration is upon you! Where you’ve walked through a deathly season for years, it’s felt like trudging through the front lines of a battle field, deeply dug in the trenches hailed from bomb fire from above, it’s time now to move forward as Angel armies have made way, led the way and cleared the land mines in harms way!! Long life!!

You can breathe fresh air again! You’re going to see all things new and fresh pastures too! No need to worry about the effects of what you’ve seen, heard and walked through.. fortitude has been forged in the fire in you! There’s a soft landing for you!

Gods mind is made up about you! He’s given you the capacity to tap into the mind of Christ in you!! Your nervous system, your neurological pathways, are all being made brand new!!

The power of love, in, around and upon you! You’re so loved queen! All of heaven is with you as you lean! Like a cat with 9 lives, you’re free to live life fully, be!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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