We’re designed for connection! Authentic working relationships are being formed! Some of these connections will be for the short term and some will be for the long term! When we understand our own need, how we’re wired, our purpose and how process works, we’re less likely to hold on tight or with a sense of ownership on our ship!

Many of the connections I’ve had over the years have been like sandpaper. They have honed me, helped me grow, and like sun and water come in the various seasons of my life as we flow. We need each other to complete projects, to fulfil purpose and to support each other on the run!

There is a time to sow into others, there’s a time to sow into self, there’s a time to receive help! Healthy relationships are mutually beneficial and they are not always transactional. There are times we need to be generous receivers and other times we can meet needs.

What’s in your hands today? It doesn’t have to be ‘too little’, to be much!

A kind word. Opening the door of a taxi in a busy street. Taking time to listen. Time to greet? Maybe you feel alone? A good opportunity to be a friend, to sow.

Friendships, ministry connections, working relationships, like birds come and go! A bird is created to be free! By understanding the purpose, point, timing and function of each one; we can live effective lives, fruitful and offence free!

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