Compassion sees you queen! You’ve embraced noble and true and the power of God is bursting through! The heart of God is for you! He’s moved deeply by your affliction! What you need to be moved is being removed as miracle power moves!

Compassion is moved to action!! You are seen queen!! I see you moving forward with ease, no longer squeeze. Baby steps that are powerful FAITH steps! Your response has drawn faith out!

Fear cannot and will not hold you any longer! The areas of your life that you see doubt! You are enough and the love of God is releasing you from tough! The cerebral mind, logic, dumbing down, no longer shall be found!

Activation is here! Alive in the Spirit and fly! You shall climb! With hinds feet you’ll go further than you ever dreamed in this season eating sweet!

You’re a dreamer and an action taker! One whose life is marked with miracle wine! Joy is your strength, it’s the power of God upon you as you dine!

In this now season, you’re going to see KIND! Kindness and courage as you climb! God calls you his own! Where you’ve been mis-labeled, where it’s been harsh, Heaven has flipped the table at last!!

With intimacy you shall see!

“Your city is coming to Me”, says the king of Glory!

The Word of God has the final word! Over your soul, over your heart, over your destiny from the start! Grace upon grace, mercy kisses amid the dart!

What you’ve gone through shall no longer mark you! No smear, you child are dear! There’s been a dividing of what’s noble and true! Compassion moved to action upon you! The Power of God with you!

The Word of God separates spirit and soul! Abundance of Grace and deep compassion with you in life’s roll!

“You are One with Me”, says the King of Glory!

In this new season, you shall rise with much compassion; for self, for others, on the path you’ve been set on! You’re going to see the promise keeper making way full of compassion and hope!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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