Centred and true you’re going to see breakthrough! The power of God coming through! Perfect love in and upon you!

In this, you’re going to see what you need with fresh seed! The generation behind you and before you is coming though! Through YOU!

You are grass roots!

You are connected to the vine!

It’s time for fresh wine!

No move caves!

No more cave and die!

No more, “I’m tired, burned out, can’t do it in my line..” This is your time!

You’re coming out and you’re going to see Heavens’ shout! The emotional exhaustion from the battle in your line, the sense of I don’t know and why so? It’s going to fade as you come forward in HIS line! You are ONE and HE has WON! It’s time son, to see reprieve, retrieve and miracles, it’s done!

No more old, its’ new! No more idol worship, you are enough and He has called YOU!

Grass roots, you’re bursting through!

Your example will influence your extended family, your estranged family; your family will increase and see more! Much more is in store!! Hearts will open and God will get the glory for it all!

Restoration to heaven amid the fall. The pain and the trail that the enemy seems to have caused snail and stall shall fail! His efforts are dismal and fall! The vine dresser has taken you up amid the fall. (John 15:1-2 TPT)

The language of faith is praise and thanksgiving! Those prison walls shall fall! You shall see swell as you wait well! You shall ignite and take flight as the Lord has had the last fall! He rose with power for ALL!

Bloodied and bruised he hung there for all!

YOU are empowered to decree and to declare amid the enemy’s stare! He will not have you, you are powerful and shall stand tall!

Keep moving forward! There’s a changing of guard and it involves you! It’s a changing of perspective as you see heavens power has all along been with you!

Dust, deceit, disparity, it’s blown off you!

“Keep your eyes on Me”, says the King of Glory, “I’ve got you!!!”


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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