Ravens shall not have you in the land

Honour is breaking you free! Where you’ve experienced disconnect, discard and a sense of not fitting in, you’re going to see honour in your hand and land! Honour ushers in the atmosphere of heaven! It’s heaven invading the impossible! It’s the essence of heaven and has the ability to break you out of oppressive thinking! Honour takes you above the fray as its rooted in gratitude and thankfulness and it shifts the high cerebral mind away. Pride causes strife, it invites the ravens into our life. As the culture of honour is embraced, it leads to LIFE.
Honour is taking you above the problems of the day, the foolish have no ability to slay. You’re going to see honour is your trump card this day. It’s the ability in God to come up higher and not be swayed.
Division, out of the box, a sense of not understanding why and how it’s been so long, you’re going to see you have been HAND PICKED this way!
Honour is your victory card, it’s the ability to love the unlovely, to PRAY!
To live your life and lead others in the WAY.
The presence of God is your sustenance, it’s the juice for you this day!
The power along the way.
The confidence, the authority and the WAY.
You are on TRACK this day!
Many are coming through, into all things new, MERCY kisses upon you.
“Intimacy is found in Me, you are free to be,” says the King of Glory.
You’re going to tase and see God’s glory in your story!
You’re going to fly free!
Free from the burdens and shackles, the demonic lies that are fed to the ravens coming against you to give up and die!
“It’s time to DREAM and see!” says the King of Glory.
God isn’t a pimp. He doesn’t need you for anything, He is complete.
He WANTS to walk with you. Eden this day.
In a place of oneness, not a worker bee.
Yes, there is work to be done and the list is never ending on the run, but the one thing that you need is to simply, “COME.”
Come, taste and see, revelation knowledge has set you free!
Loved, you’re going to experience reprieve!
Others will come alongside and invest in you son!
Light in the dark, your life is won!
“Rest in My love, victory has come!”
Zephaniah 3:17 NKJV
“The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”
Proverbs 30:17 TPT
“The eye that mocks his father and dishonours his elderly mother deserves to be plucked out by the ravens on the valley and fed to the young vultures!”
Footnote- This is a figure of speech for demonic powers that will remove their vision. Ravens and vultures are unclean birds associated with demonic powers in Hebrew poetry.

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