Transparent and true the rainbow of colours surrounds you! With your heart laid bare, the Lord is there! He sees! He meets your need! You are treasured indeed! Mercy kisses you shall see! Your beloved has come through for you! Provision, presence, essence! Transparent and true you’re going to see breakthrough!!

Daddy sees, Daddy cares! Amid the schemes, amid the fall, you shall stand tall! False guilt, condemnation, the Father of lies shall not have a hold on you!

Trade your troubles, it’s time for double!

“Come to Me” says the King of Glory! I have a plan, when you feel you’ve failed man. I direct your path, amid the fall!”

Foolish is the world’s wisdom and schemes, man’s ways are mere dust! In this season and in this time you shall experience thrive! Where religious shackles and traditions have held you in a spin, you shall lead out with fresh sight! YOU SHALL NOT DIE!

Don’t poke the bear! Just believe and follow the Spirit of God as HE leads, you shall receive! Transparent and true you’re going to see breakthrough!

Heaven has a plan!
Heaven has a man!
Heaven has your span!

You shall not die, it’s time to run with fresh fire!

Wisdom in HIS way! Don’t poke the bear! Keep moving forward amid fear!

“The battle over your life belongs to Me,” says the King of Glory!

Mercy kisses, your life, poetry dear!

Maybe your perfect linear plan hasn’t worked out in your span?Daughter you’re in Daddy’s hand! Maybe wine, woman, song has left you feeling wrong? Son, lay it down and let mercy lead you along! Maybe the Pharisee has had a choke hold on you? Child, to Heaven you belong! Footprints in the sand, Daddy’s carrying you in the land! One and all, you’re going to experience assignment as God has assigned you to certain ones and one’s to you. You shall come through! All things new! THE RAINBOW OF COLOURS SURROUNDS YOU!!

Proverbs 16:9
“Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there.”

Romans 8:35-37 TPT
“Who could ever divorce us from the endless love of God’s Anointed One? Absolutely no one! For nothing in the universe has the power to diminish his love toward us. Troubles, pressures, problems aren’t able to come between us and heaven’s love. What about persecutions, deprivations, dangers and death threats? No, for they are all impotent to hinder omnipotent love, even though it’s written: All day long we face death threats for your sake, God. We are considered nothing more than sheep to be slaughtered. Yet even in the midst of all these things, we triumph over them all, for God has made us more than conquerors and his demonstrated love is our glorious victory over everything!”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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