The presence of God is bringing a shift to your thinking!! Where there’s been disparity, delay, death, discouragement, disease and dismay, you’re going to see breakthrough this day!!

Your life has purpose and it’s NOT OVER for you yet!!

Many are getting their second, third and fourth wind yet!! You’re going to live with expectation for God to come through another day! As you sow the pain, sow the delay, sow it all, you shall see the love of God burst through!

Many of you are going to experience a divine exchange! Where you’ve been short changed! Where you’ve given up the ghost and life seems to be in delay, God is lifting you up and out of the mire this day!

I hear Daddy say,

“Come up higher queen and see the Spirit of God meet you in the in-between.”

As you journey through you’re coming into all things new! You shall encounter 2 by 2! Those of you who feel out for the count, it’s not over for you yet in Heavens’ shout! You’re going to get your fight song on! You’re going to rise above! You’re going to see God has a solution and way forward for you through tough stuff today!

Lay it down! Lay down the blame! Lay down the lame! Lay down the abuse! Lay down where you feel used!

Lay down the betrayal! Lay down the cycles of defeat and come and drink fresh juice!! The Covenant the Father and Son have cut is ENOUGH!

The Spirit of God is calling you up higher queen!

You have a purpose! It’s not over yet! Watch and see as you lay down regret and see God’s BEST YET!! (that’s a big one for many!)

Saul became Paul and his life message is for us all! Everything you have been through, what you’ve walked through, GOD can and shall redeem it ALL! You are not a mistake! Your failures, your flaws, He sees YOU through it all!

Lay it down and see GOD raise you up from the ground!

That death decree is BROKEN off you in Heaven’s sound!! You’re going to see REBOUND! Over your life, over your destiny, over the strife! I decree LIFE!!!

Addictions are breaking off many this day and the shame of it shall no longer keep you from standing tall!!

The Father SEES YOU through it all!

Cling tightly to the one who bled and died, you shall rise tall! You’re a citizen of heaven queen, one who’s life is a dream! Before you were formed, Heaven knew you! Heaven dreamed of you and Heaven made you come through!!

No longer shall you feel helpless, hopeless and bound by consequences and circumstance!

Your life is not a game of chance!!

You shall dance! Heaven is invading your impossible queen! It’s time to DREAM!

Shake it off! SOW the pain, sow the blame, SOW IT ALL IN JESUS NAME!!!

The power of God is meeting you in heaven’s reign! You shall rise and not fall, the presence of GOD sustains you through it all!

It’s not over yet! God’s giving you strength and eye-salve so you can pursue his presence and see your life demonstrate miraculous power in your, ‘not yet!’

Philippians 3:13 TPT

“I don’t depend on my strength to accomplish this, however I do have one compeling focus: I forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead. I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the heavenly goal and gaining the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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