I hear the Spirit of God saying,

“I’ve brought you into a new season! It’s time to decree what you see! I have given you all you need. You are worthy in Me!”

Heaven is shooting through and you shall see all things new! You are My bridal fall and I’ve taken the fall, giving you all so you can stand tall!

“My love is washing over you. I’m removing the burden of the load and the work of the enemy no longer shall you know. In days of old, you’ve experienced a kicking and took a licking and the dreams and visions stalled but that is not all! I’ve taken the fall and I’ve removed the old, no longer shall you stall!”

“The deck is clear and you’re breathing fresh air! Honey, it’s time to decree and mercy miracles you shall see! The water of My love is removing the dust and the heavy burden and heave hoe shall go! New alignments for divine assignments you shall know! UNMERITED FAVOR you shall know!”

“You’re going to accelerate and gain momentum as you encounter deep calling to deep in the water of My love. Fresh power shall you know as the perfume of your love to Me is known! My shooting star, you shall glow from afar! I’ve released you out! The chute is open and you shall parachute into appointed appointments in this season!”

“My Love has won! You are ONE and son, it’s time to have fun on the run! Fresh awakening! Fresh rain! Fresh presence shall trump pain! You shall experience fresh rain! You’re going to experience a quick descent. ALL will see it’s Me who’s made way so you can be where you need to be!”

Where the brakes have been on, where you’ve been broken, you shall see mending of all! What you deserved, he bore it all! Where you held a bouquet and it ended in death, you’re going to encounter fragrance afresh! Death has lost its sting to the resurrected KING!

Your worth is that of Jesus and now is the time to enter into all! In the past where you’ve placed traditions and man on a pedestal, no longer shall you feel like a fool.

“I’ve brought you into a new season! It’s time to decree what you see! I have given you all you need. You are worthy in Me! I’ve created you to fly free, you are won in Me!” Says the King of Glory.

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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