Acceleration is with you amid seeming delay this day! Delay has not won the day, it’s a new day! God is doing a NEW thing and you’ve been proven in his ring! It’s time to sing! To let out a shout as faith has made away! You’re going to see miracles in May and provision for the vision and acceleration this day!

The road has been long and it’s seemed like delay amid the winding along the way, but love has led you here this day! The sheep, the goats and the wolf on the road you’ve encountered along the way, and his love has kept you and brought you here this day. The presence of God has protected you! The fire of his presence surrounds you! Religious wolves have not won the day! The Good Shepherd leads you along the way!

God sees in the lean and in-between and God is on the throne in your situation and in your circumstances this day! It’s not over for you yet, the last round has not had the best of you yet! You shall see and get!

Love has won the day! Jericho walls are coming down! Where there’s been death and deceit and a sense of retreat you shall eat something sweet! In the lean and in-between God has seen. Faithful and true has come through for you queen! You’re going to see a release of what you need and receive double recompense indeed!

It’s a time to STAND in the gap and see a ram fight for you this day! The seed that you need you shall see indeed. Where you’ve been up against the wall, it’s time to stand tall. You’re going to see the Lord fighting battles for you and you’re going to be able to advance along the wall! You’re going to see a troop in 2022 and 2 by 2 as God comes through for you! I see support personally, in the vision that God has placed in your heart from the start and in the circumstances you’re walking thorough too.

FEAR NOT, the power of love is here!

Through misunderstanding, God has the victory! There’s advancement this day! At last, fun comes through! Daniel 11: 32b, those who know God shall do great exploits! Faith has positioned you! Breakthrough!!

Justice you shall see this day! Your enemies shall see revere this day! The mockers and the scoffers shall encounter the power of love this day! God is making a way! He’s parting the way! He’s leading you out to lead you in his VICTORY shout! No longer shall you doubt! Those walls are coming down!!!

Jericho walls are coming down! Double for your trouble you shall see as you lead out in heaven’s shout with your feet! Peace! The walls are coming down. Inside your heart and inside your mind, you shall see God’s hand and be received in the land!

I hear the Spirit of God say,

“The last shall be first this day! My remnant is rising this day! You have a voice crying out in the wilderness, make way, make way!! It’s a new day!”

In this time it’s TRUCE!

Over your purpose, over your destiny, over the God ordained dreams, they shall come true! You shall see the goose! Fresh start, you shall walk with a strong heart! It’s a new Day and it’s here to stay! No longer going back, you shall not fear lack! Lack and loss is behind your back! God is restoring ALL and MORE! You shall SOAR!

There’s a clear way, he’s made a way and he’s making a way! He’s commissioned you in the land and in the sand! Let out a shout this day! Step out in Heaven’s shout and receive what’s yours this day! You wear his signet and carry his ring! You wear a crown of beauty for every ugly thing!

All that you’ve walked through has led you out this day! It’s time to walk through into all things new, the past shall no longer have a hold on you! It’s time to rise, it’s time to declare, victory you shall see!

“I’ve got your today, I’ve got your tomorrow, the past is morrow. Exponential increase you shall see as you partner with Me.”

Be still and know this day, the presence of God is leading you along the way. Across the sea into new land! You’re going to see restore and more and double door! 2 by 2 in 2022. In life, in ministry, in business and more! He is the door! Your ceiling has become your floor!

Joshua 6:2TPT

“Yahweh commanded Joshua, See, I have given Jericho, its king and mighty warriors into your hand.”

Footnote from Translator- Faith will see, “what is unseen” (Heb 11:11.) God gave Joshua a promise upon which to rest his faith.

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