Upgrade is with you this day! You’re going to see upgrade where there’s been disparity, injustice and blockages and delay along the way! Upgrade is here as God’s victory is here to stay! In this season of swirl and change, I hear the Spirit of God say,

“I’ve got you this day! You are in My eye! My eye is on you! It’s time to tap into Me, because I see. I see and I hear and I know, the way forward is clear.”

You’re going to get the all clear from the Doctor this week! You’re going to see breakthrough upon you and gifts of love and favour cascading over us!

There’s a clearing of the way as God wants you to pursue the things he’s called you to. Laser focus is with you as you do.

For some, there’s a release of responsibilities so you can pursue the things God has called you to. More time to look after you! More time to build momentum! Laser focus! He’s lighting your load, you’re not a toad!

It’s time to simplify and fly!There’s a clearing of the way and God is making a way! Wisdom is with you! What seems like disaster in the natural, is trumped with Gods supernatural! Listen to the promptings around you. You’re going to hear and see clear as the Holy Spirit is leading you there. You’re going to experience laser focus and cross the finish line, the baton is in your hand, you walk with the ram!

You’re a house of honey and provision is here! Lack is behind your back. Resurrection is here! In your destiny, your dreams, in the lean and in-between, you are seen! What makes you laugh, what makes you cry? Your purpose you shall walk in queen!

Distraction and delay have not won the day!

Momentum and laser focus are here. There’s a shift in circumstances and in the atmosphere this week, love has won the day! You’ve got this! Victory is here!

You’re connected to the vine, fresh wine, on time!

Joy bells are ringing! No more whine, it’s time to dine! Favor and upgrade are in your line! Upgrade is upon you! It’s time to pey- to decree that you friend, have the victory! Over the spirit of fear, over torment, over a divided heart, over that which comes to put you in noose! God Almighty has cut you loose!

You are favoured dear! Upgrade is here! For your calling, your family, your destiny, your ministry! What you see in the natural is a shift as God is moving swift! Suddenly you shall see! He’s lifting heaviness, prolonged process and the timing of God is accelerating you this year!

Death, where is your sting? Friend, you walk with the resurrected King!

You are a house of wine, it’s time to dine!

Romans 3:24 TPT

“Yet through his powerful declaration of acquittal, God freely gives away his righteousness. His gift of love and favour now cascades over us, all because Jesus, the Anointed One, has liberated us from the guilt, punishment, and power of sin!”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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