Today is the day of my birth and how blessed I am to be alive and free, living in my purpose, fulfilling destiny! As I look back at the heartache and pain and all I’ve walked through in ministry and personally, I see glory and great gain!

It’s all been leverage and used for upgrade for his fame! The love and Lord of my life has kept and protected me, giving me strength and heart for longevity! The road to where I am today is no romance novel, it’s true love that’s paved a way to set broken hearted and wounded people free!

Looking back, I see the rubber stamp of God’s approval over man’s rejection and it has been my protection! The preparation process has been long and prolonged. The test of trust has made me strong! You will be the same too, what God calls you to is specific to you!!

What you process through, is what you will lead others out of too!

For me, primarily, the calling is to set captives free through identity! Broken hearted and religious shackles being the need! The ministry he’s entrusted, sees ministers that are burnt out, many who have been left out and others who have walked out, finding freedom on their knees! It’s Mercy’s Kiss to His Bride, indeed!

Friend, you and your calling are unique! Don’t question the process! Lean in, stay plugged in and let love lead you and you shall win!

Isiah 61:1 TPT decree

“The mighty Spirit of Lord Yahweh is wrapped around me because Yahweh has anointed me, as a messenger to preach good news to the poor, He sent me to heal the wounds of the brokenhearted, and to tell captives, “You are free”, and to tell prisoners, “Be free from your darkness.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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