To the seasoned campaigners, you’re going to see rewards for faithfulness, it’s true!

Expect breakthrough! Expect good things to come! Expect intimacy when all is done!

God has led you on and leads you through! You’re a sojourner one who’s true, through and through! The road has been long, but God has kept you all along. You know how to dig deep! You know how to glean! You know how to lean in the in-between! The anointing in you that’s for you, as you give him your song. (1 John 2:27)

Many of you are going to experience fresh rush amid dust! Amid the dry and barren places where it seems you’ve been on a road that’s long, exhausting and drawn out.

You’re going to experience fresh dew and run anew! Where there’s been isolation and a sense of delay which has won the day, you’re going to experience fresh breeze and reprieve as the Spirit of God retrieves!

You’re won and you’re one. You know how to have fun! Heaven’s glory is light as a feather and it’s done! In the dark of night, the glory is your delight and gives you insight. In those thin places where you feel undone, there you shall have fun. There you shall feel light as a feather and full as a goog! (Aussie slang for drunk!)

Be encouraged friend, in that hospital bed, amid isolation and in that place that seems barren and dead; you’re going to see breakthrough as your reality! You’re not a cracked egg!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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