You’re going to see the ‘seed’ Christ sowed into your heart, the incorruptible seed bursting forth with fresh power in this hour. I see women crushing the head of Satan in this hour and it’s through women that have suffered much and seen lack and been held back! These ones are coming to the forefront in this hour of power with their strong tower!
The Church is figuratively spoken of as a woman throughout Scripture, however, I believe the Holy Spirit is highlighting WOMEN specifically in this word and in this hour to encourage and strengthen you to act on what you are hearing, sensing and feeling.
Women are KEY in this move of God in this hour of power and MANY are going to been seen and heard from positions and seats of influence. Women shall CREATE and STEWARD wealth in this hour and be ones who accelerate forward with giants leaps as they take consistent steps forward in the natural with what God has placed in their hearts and hands.
NO longer held back by power politics, lack is behind their back! I see a wealth transfer and it’s with deep humility that these woman shall rise in power with fresh insight and fresh capacity as the LORD shall shower them with provision and quirky startups.
No competition with their man, (present or to come) but completion as MANY shall see divine alignment for their GOD assignment at the right time.
“Keep moving forward” is the invitation and cry (deep urge) from the Spirit of God.
It’s time to take stock. To not hide behind the lock. To let the light shine bright and be forthright! To be BOLD and courageous. Fear shall dissipate as you draw near. I see the seed that’s incorruptible releasing many families from trouble! Where there’s been lack, no longer shall these families see lack as the woman who carries the incorruptible seed shall receive wealth, honour and provisions as she follows the leading of the Holy Spirit in this hour.
It’s time to RISE and SHINE and receive your dime! You’re going to feed many in the NEXT season as you see the incorruptible seed germinate and flourish through you in this NOW season.
You’ve learned in the ‘lean’ season how to LEAN and how to GLEAN. You’re one who’s CLEAN. It’s time to grow, it’s time to flow! You’re going to create wealth and many shall receive fresh heart health as you grow! Business’s and wealth distribution is being released in this hour!
I hear the Spirit of God saying,
“Honey pot you shall flow as you follow and go!”
You shall be known as a ‘honey pot’ wherever you go. One who’s sweet and who experiences miracles of provision as Heaven’s “Sweet”. (Daddy’s girl, his delight).
Honey of Heaven flow! It’s time to go! To rise and build! You are capable and able and God has prepared you so you can go. The incorruptible seed is released through you QUEEN!
It’s time to grow, it’s time to flow. To allow the Wind of the Spirit of God to BLOW! Honey pot, you’re a well of provision and miracles shall flow!
You’re going to create wealth, steward it well and increase as you go! Glory, riches and honour are upon you for today and your tomorrow.
It’s going to confound the wise in their own eyes, but GOD has saved the best for last! You’re going to get recompense, retrieval and all that’s been prophesied at LAST! No longer shall you weep with sorrow. No longer shall you worry about tomorrow! Wealth and riches and glory and honour shall follow.
It’s time to listen UP! To follow UP! To go UP as you bow low. Get in the FLOW. Get yourself ready, God has you steady, you’re going to rise UP and flow. No longer held low, no longer held back, you’re going to see the incorruptible seed burst through crushing the head of the enemy with the firey presence in HIS ARROW!
Genesis 3:15 TPT
“And I will place great hostility between you and the woman, and between her seed and yours He will crush your head as you crush his heel.”Footnote from translator- Or ‘offspring’ The seed of the women is Jesus Christ. The male carries the seed, but with Jesus Christ, he is the seed of the woman, for their was no human father to conceive him. Jesus was wounded by the snake/sin on his heel, but brought a death blow to Satan through the power of his cross and resurrection.”
Revelation 12:1 TPT
“Then an astonishing miracle-sign appeared in heaven. I saw a woman clothed with the brilliance of the sun, and the moon was under her feet She was wearing on her head a victor’s crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in labor pains, in the agony of giving birth.”
Footnote- The Church is figuratively spoken of as a woman. The description of her clothed with sun and the moon (powers of darkness) under her feet points to the victorious Church about to give birth to a company of believers who will do the great works of Jesus and spread the brilliance of his glory throughout the earth. The overcoming bride of Christ is also seen as a women “clothed with the sun.”
PS- The golden gate bridge was built in the middle of a recession. It’s a powerful story of breakthrough! Breakthrough and impossible come true. Do the research, check it out, it’s a metaphor full of promise for you!

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