Your story isn’t over friend, it’s just begun!
I can hear someone saying, “well I didn’t have a soft landing to return to when everything fell apart!”
I hear you sister/brother! But, it’s about perspective! Yes, it’s been tough, it’s been rough and you’ve walked roads others don’t understand! Yet, you’re one who’s got grit! You’re an over comer! You’ve tapped into the faithfulness of Daddy God and are a SIGN and WONDER!
Many will flock to your tree to find reprieve! They’ll listen and learn and hear and see! You’re anointed, you’re oiled and you are FREE!
Miracle of love you’re Gods specialty! You’re going to see the desires of your heart fulfilled! Romance, divine connection, love that’s true and purpose fulfilled as two!
Do the inner work for you! You’re worth the investment of your time, your heart and God will provide the dime!
Generational curses and strongholds are broken because of you! Your YES has met Heavens best! (You’ve rested in the finished work of JESUS eating from that tree and not self pity)
Amen and AMEN!
Love you! ????

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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