This is my pit to the palace dress and Daddy wants to share something with YOU….
The presence of God isn’t determined by oppression, pain, difficulty, or lack around or inside of you! The presence and favour of God is enveloping you!
You’re going to get your glorious breakthrough! You’re going to get the beau! You’re going to flow! You’re going to GO!
You’re going to break free from decades of strife and be healed from that sickness that’s kept you low! Where you’ve faced death through sickness, sadness and identity you shall be FREE and go!
Mental oppression shall leave!
You are free to BE and you’re going to see the spirit of God set you free! Free from the opinions of man and the things which have held you back in feelings of lack! God Almighty has your back! He’s cut a Covenant for you and it’s his bow which surrounds you so you can go! You are highly favoured! You are blessed and to hell with the rest!
You shall get your new land!!! And a band as victory over your LIFE is written in the sand!!
That pit of false judgment and the religious jealous spirit, GOD has seen and he’s met you in between! You’ve been seen and you’ve been heard and you’ve been prepared as his herd!
Now, is the time for your promotion!! It’s time to set sail as the power and presence of God is blowing upon you! You shall not fail!
Daddy says,
“My love has won! I have kept you when the darkness seems to have made you undone!! You’re going to see my VICTORY over our life and over your destiny! Every GOOD thing is found in Me. Hand over your struggle and come. My breakthrough is upon you so you can run.”
You’re jumping out the boat of opinion and mediocrity! No longer a moat, you shall float!
I see a team surrounding you! You’re taken seriously! You are enough! You’re about to walk into your destiny on the other side of trust! It’s a must.
You’re going from the pit to the palace! A 7 year recompense is knocking on your door! (your heart.)
It’s called restore and more!
Genesis 41
From the Pit to the Palace (The Passion Translation)
Joseph spent 13 years in a prison of pain, but when he was 30 he received his breakthrough with the 7 years dream when he was given his new name- The Revealer of Secrets.
Please read this entire passage including the footnotes.
PS- I have been going full throttle for 7 months with the family, ministry and food van birthing. I am taking next week to rest from the ministry to enjoy the sunshine and recalibrate with Daddy. I love you all. See you here in the next fortnight.
Love. Veronica. X

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