It’s time to dare to believe and to receive! Upgrade is here indeed! Out of the old and into the new! The MIND OF CHRIST is within you! You have the heart, the courage and the nerve! You’re going to see the enemy take a side swerve! (move out the way)
Where you’ve faced intense battles against your mind, your heart and your calling GOD is sending you a sign! Listen to the wind of the SPIRIT and don’t give into discouragement or be belittled! You may feel small, but God says,
“Stand tall! Meekness is your battle call!”
False evidence appearing real is not your call! That which you FEAR is an ILLUSION. You’re going to see the illusions coming against your mind dissipate and fall! Where you’ve felt stuck in a vice, you shall now receive what’s nice! God has good things to give to you, you are MIGHTY and one who’s going to leap over walls! JERICHO SHALL FALL.
You are not a mote, you’re in the boat and you shall float! Walls of self preservation and self protection shall fall as you see clearly! “You are SAFE in Me”, says the KING OF GLORY!
Religious devils and strongholds shall fall! Where you’ve felt trapped by tradition and worried about this and that, the Spirit of God is bringing an end to that!!!!!
You SEE and you HEAR clear and false evidence appearing real on the other side shall fall! Like Dorothy and Toto who went to see the wizard on the yellow brick road, at the end of the road all it was was a toad! A silly fool behind a curtain after all! She had the power in her all ithe way through!
You have the power all along and what needs to move shall fall as you stand tall! TRUST IS A MUST! Mountains of fear and doubt melt in THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD. He has the SWORD OF TRUTH and it pierces through FEAR and those illusions too!
The provision is IN the vision. You have the power to CROSS over in the boat! The confidence, the courage and the clarity, you have it all! YOU’RE A DELIVERER AFTER ALL.
The rainbow of God’s presence surrounds you! You shall not fall, you shall stand tall! Wisdom and understanding and might and strength and the knowledge to follow the beau is with you as you GO!
It’s time to follow the cloud, to follow the fire and to enter into the inheritance that awaits you as you trust the LORD and FOLLOW HIS CALL. Strongholds of false evidence appearing real shall fall and as you step forward you SHALL NOT FALL.
Isaiah 11:1-3 TPT
“The cut off stump of Jesse will sprout and a fruitful Branch will grow from his roots. The Spirit of Yahweh will rest upon him, the Spirit of Extraordinary Wisdom, the Spirit fo Perfect Understanding, the Spirit of Wise Strategy, the Spirit of Mighty Power, the Spirit of Revelation, and the Spirit of the Fear of Yahweh. He will find his delight in living by the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord.”
Isiah 11:6 TPT
“Then the wolf will be subdued and live with the gentle lamb and the leopard will lie down with the gentle lamb. The young calf and the ferocious lion will be together and as a shepherd drives his flock, a small child will guide them along.
The cow and the bear will graze alongside each other, cubs and calves will lay down together. The lion, like the ox will eat straw.
The nursing child will play safely near the rattlesnakes den and the toddler will stretch out his hand and shine light over the serpents. On all my holy mountain of Zion, nothing evil or harmful will be found. For the earth will be filled, with the intimate knowledge of the Lord Yahweh just as water swells the sea.”
Translator’s footnote
* Various attributes of human nature are listed in the animals. This figurative passage points to the subduing power of the nature of Christ within his people, taming the wolf, the enemy of a lamb. To subdue is to lie down with the lamb (Christ’s nature in us).
May be an image of footwear and text
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