The Prince of Peace is with you!

There’s allot of swirling going on as many are in transition as they move out of the old and into the new in this time of all things new. Old things are wanting to hold on as you break through into the new. The Spirit of God is bringing you through and you can rest assured that all things are coming into alignment. You will see a glorious breakthrough! The King of Glory is guiding you! Process is messy! Your flesh is screaming out and you want to settle a thing or two! But Papa says, “let me be your breakthrough!” I’m giving you strength, I’m giving you guidance, I’m bringing the right people around you.”

Transition and birthing is messy- as it is beautiful! You’re coming through with the peace of God which is guiding you. There’s lots of noise around you, but trust the still small voice that’s guiding you with the COURAGE to make the right decisions amid the noise surrounding the trial as you break on through into the GOOD things Papa has for you!

Your family is coming into blessing upon blessing as GOD IS WITH YOU! You are blessed in abundance and these blessings are being poured out upon you. Don’t worry about the noise as you are having to make hard choices to cut off things that don’t benefit you! God’s way’s are tried, tested and true and he is coming through for you!

You’ve dared to trust! You’ve followed on through into freedom with the Spirit of God leading you! There’s noise, but it’s going to quieten down and you are going to see the delivering peace of God bring you and your family through as God is with you!

Matthew 1:23


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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