Chains are Breaking!

I see a picture of chains in link form surrounding your mind completely broken by the anointing! I see a chord of memories attached to past memories broken from the links on this chain! You are free to go and be and make new memories!

Your heart is expanding and you can breathe and trust easy. You’re going to see new alignments and new assignments as the past has gone and the new has come! You’re going to trust again, because within the new alignments lives the Spirit of God. You are going to build with like minded folk who carry the heart and DNA of Heaven. There’s allot of glory to be released in and through you that will set many captives free. You have a powerful testimony that’s full of anointing and fire and glory and life!

You are a fire cracker! One who breaks open other’s into a wide open and beautiful space. You are one who gleans and who leans in to hear the Voice of your Father. You’re going to see many miracles take place in the areas that once held you bound, you will now be one who leads other’s into freedom and into intimacy, where they will meet with the King of Glory and no longer be bound!

The days of the enemy causing havoc in your life are over!!

It’s time for you to rise and shine as you are one who knows how to sit and dine. The King of Glory has led you out to lead you in. The banquet is set, you have crossed many rivers and come through many testing times as the enemy has sifted you, but Papa has brought out the gold in you amid these seeming tests! You’ve learnt how to lean and glean, you’re one who’s entered into rest. You will now lead other’s to the table of rest where they’ll dine with the King and eat the very best!!



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