Heaven’s Bride!

The story of Adam and Eve has been on my heart this week. I believe many of you singles are going to find a husband and wife! Partners in crime who will complete one another and not compete with one another!  I see a beautiful picture of mutual submission as you receive the gift of one another!

Jesus blood and water gushed out of his side as he submitted his life on the Cross for us all! He gave everything up! He knew Heaven wouldn’t be complete without his bride! This prophetic picture shows us by grace the love we have freely received!

“We are all born again by His wounded side! He not only died for his bride, but he also gave birth to her at the cross!” John 19:34 The Passion Translation Footnote.

Heaven is not complete without the bride! Many of you singles are going to find a spouse and reflect Heaven’s reality here on earth!

Adam took Eve, accepted her and gave himself fully to her! He didn’t reject her or try to change her! It was his security rooted in the Father’s love that enabled him to embrace his wife! Eve’s submission to Adam’s leadership was her free gift of grace based on love and trust!

Let love mark us!

Praying for you!!


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