Provision For The Vision

Fear isn’t going to have a hold of you any longer! I see many of you walking into your destiny in this season of all things new! You’re going to take some of the most outrageous steps of faith you’ve ever taken in your life! And you’re going to feel so ALIVE!! God’s taking you on adventures of a lifetime as you allow him to lead and fear will fall to the wayside! Fear is a defeated foe! It’s an illusion of what if and its purpose is to paralyse you! Fear wants to rationalise with you! Fear is full of reason and excuses! But God’s got way bigger plans for you! He’s going to blow your mind with endless possibility’s in this season of all things new as you step out on the water with your mind made new! His presence and provision will empower you!

In 2017, when my 19 year marriage ended, I said to my daughter, “we need to find a house!” I had not worked out of the home for 14 years and so my resume was out of date and there was no track record of a support income! I said to my daughter,

“Please put a google search in for everything we need for us to live in!”

The first priority was a park across the road for a puppy for my daughter as company. She put in the search for all we would need and up popped a house in the next suburb! It was two storey and directly across the road from a park and it was open for viewing in the coming week. It had the option of a long lease and was available by the end of the following month- just in time for our move!

Later that day we took a drive and it seemed to fit the bill. An appointment followed with the real estate agent and straight away I found favour with the agent who introduced me to the Principal owner of the company! Long story short, I was signed up for a two year lease within a week and on the lease were my 5 children, 3 cats and a puppy we were trusting for to come!!!!

There was a cue of potential tenants looking at this house with us too! It was the one and only house we looked at and applied for and what blessing this house is! Then the finances came in! Then neighbours started bringing meals over regular! One owns an Indian restaurant! Another is a semi- retired high school cleaner who brings us eggs and hot chips weekly and bats and balls for the kids!

During this unsettling time for our family and sad time of much shame for me, I had to learn to reach out to the secular community and receive help. It’s one thing to be in the power seat helping others and yet another to learn to receive help! I have learned how to say thank you and how to be a generous receiver along this journey. 4 food agencies all within 10km radius have helped me and my children get on our feet. Lots of friendships have begun and I’ve met so many other people I’ve been able to minister to and receive love from along the journey. It’s been and continues to be the most wonderful walk of freedom!

On Valentines Day, the phone rang and the dog breeder who I knew from a few years ago offered me a beautiful male puppy! I burst into tears with the kindness of the two ladies who gifted us a pure bred caviller spaniel. We talked over messenger over what to call the puppy and my daughter and I were tossing names into the hat.

In the night, the word Bundy came to me and I searched it up and it means freedom!! It’s for freedom, that Christ has set us free!! Here in Australia, Bundy is the name of an alcoholic drink, so it’s a funny name to give a dog. But I don’t care what people think. I’ve wasted too many years of my life worrying about what I think other’s think! Worrying about what you think other’s think, doesn’t pay your bills or make you happy! I thank my Jesus for the gift of Bundy who is a wonderful companion, always loving, always forgiving!

I truly believe with all my heart that you’re going to live in new levels of revelation of the victory already won for you! You’re going to see supernatural provisions for your children and your children’s children and for your needs! Some of you, ravens will feed you as you reach out to the world around you!  And you’re going to see fear as the defeated foe that’s already won over for you! Fear IS a defeated foe! Shame has had a death blow! Jesus has paid for my shame! And for yours too!!

The pain of your past is done and dusted! It’s time to arise and shine! To re-invent yourself! If I can do it, so can you! GOD HAS GOT YOU! AND HE HAS GOOD THINGS IN STORE FOR YOU!!

Even if you have a limp, you might feel like you’re hobbling along in this life, that’s okay! Runners get injured, and our Heavenly Father is there for you! He’s holding onto your side, running and  hopping along with you! It doesn’t matter how you finish your race, just as long as you stay in the race. Papa’s got this and He’s got you! IT’S TIME TO RUN, and have some FUN!

All my love,



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