Walk With Me

The Spirit of God is drawing us into deeper levels of intimacy. In this place of unity, fresh decrees are being made over you and me!
“Come up higher and see what I see! The gifts of the Spirit demonstrate My power to the world, the wounded and weary and the poor in spirit that you see.
A demonstration of My power you will see as you exercise these gifts with Me. Just keep your eyes fixed on Me and the miracles you will see. I’ve given you gifts so you can set captives free!
It’s one big party in Heaven and freedom over you is My decree! It’s a wedding feast and the table is set for you to come and dine and dance with Me.
Visions, visitations, angelic hosts and a supernatural life is My decree! As you come to Me, I will strengthen you and enlarge your capacity. I’ve enabled you to fulfill the great commission, keep following Me.
Come now, the gifts I’ve given are waiting to be opened! Miracles of love you will see as you walk with Me.” 1 Corinthians 12:8-11


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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