God’s not holding out on you! He cares wholeheartedly for you! So much so, He cut a blood Covenant with His Son for you! Based on trust, it says, “I am yours. I give myself fully and completely to you!” It’s God’s oath to you! You’re safe and secure, it’s never going to be broken, it says, “I gave My life willingly for you.”

I hear His voice,

“There’s an upgrade and an increase that I have for you My Bride. I’m about to elevate your wisdom and lead you into greater levels of understanding as you invite me into those areas of wounding and pain. Let Me heal you. I’ve set a new place at My banqueting table for you. It’s completely refurbished and new. I’ve got much to share with you. Come and dine a while, linger in My presence and let Me whisper new things into your heart. I’ve known all along your journey and for you, there’s so much more!”

The only thing God has taken from us is the sins of the world. We have to reflect and look at things through Jesus perfect sacrifice which represents the true nature and heart of God. God is good and there is no guile in Him. He isn’t sick, nor does He punish us with sickness. He relates to us through the mercy seat. God is perfect love. That’s the beauty and essence of the Cross. Jesus took the sin of the world upon Himself, paying the price once and for all! You can’t damage it, because it’s not based upon your sacrifice, it’s based on Jesus’ sacrifice on your behalf! 1 Corinthians 10:16

Rest and rely on Him and receive His promises today. God isn’t taking things from us. He is a loving Father who protects and cares for the sheep. So, we can enter into His green pastures by Grace through faith. He’s given His Word that lifts us up and His Spirit leads us on. We make mistakes and people let us down, we get opposition in life, but God’s love is greater. Forgiveness and reconciliation are provisions of the New Covenant we can apply to our earthly relationships.

God is good and His love is unconditional and always true, He’s working everything out for you! Truly He is! The good, the bad and the difficult details of your life! Trust Him and keep relying on His goodness! There’s new working relationships coming your way! He’s not holding out on you!

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