Trailblazers and Pioneers You Are Dear To Father’s Heart

Be encouraged! If you have a dream that’s impossible to you, that means POSSIBLE to God!! So many pioneers have gone before you in recent times and in the past who felt misunderstood and like they didn’t fit! Many have been falsely accused and had threats made against them, but rest assured, GOD is with you no matter what!

I feel like the Holy Spirit wants to give someone a great big HUG tonight. A gentle squeeze from Papa that says, “It’s all going to work out fine.”
The dream that’s impossible to you is POSSIBLE WITH GOD! Some may ask ‘why’ now, but in years from now they’ll ask you ‘how’ you did it!

Angels have been assigned to you! You are a trailblazer who is dear to the Fathers heart! That family you’re raising without family around, the orphanage you’re working with, the men’s rehab ministry you’re involved in, that refuge you’re pioneering, the coffee shop business you’re considering purchasing, the manuscript you’re writing. Looks impossible? IT’S NOT WITH GOD!
Believe in yourself, because God believes in you! He doesn’t make mistakes friend.
We can glean from previous forerunners.

I’ve read about Aimee Semple McPherson from the 1930’s on several occasions. An incredible pioneer and trailblazer in modern times. What’s fascinated me about her story is the personal challenges she faced as she pioneered the Four Square Church and HOW she pushed through so much pressure and pain. It’s been documented that sister Aimee’s manager was her mother who controlled the administration of her ministry without fully understanding what Aimee carried spiritually.

Aimee wrote many theatre plays and conquered Hollywood amid intense personal pressures and internal conflict within her ministry team. It’s remarkable how she honed into the presence of God amid what’s been documented as crazy and at times relentlous pressure. Much can be gleaned from sister Aimee’s legacy.
As Sister Aimee often said, “Life’s a Marathon, not a sprint.”
Stay centred as you move forward.
Trailblazer, You are dear to the Fathers heart! You’ve got this and He’s got you!!

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