Amazing Grace, the lost are coming in!

I keep seeing and hearing the number ten! There’s change in the air, there’s a shifting of gears! Ten, ten, ten, I see breakthroughs in tens! Ten speaks of redemption! Ten speaks of wayward sons! The lost are coming in! Luke 15:8

There’s movement and there’s change in the air. Two fives make ten! Grace upon Grace! There’s a shifting of pace! Those who’ve experienced cardiac-arrest will run at God’s pace! Where going to see double! Grace upon Grace! There’s no place for self-sufficiency in this new space! The Kingdom realm is being released through you in to time and space! There’s change in the air, and it’s based upon AMAZING GRACE!

Many have endured long seasons of defeat. Loved ones seemingly lost in the sea of un-belief! I hear the Spirit of God saying, “No more retreat! It’s Me these loved ones shall meet!” Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. Suddenly, you will see! In tens, you’ll see captives being set free!!!

Luke 15:8-10 The Passion Translation

“There was once a woman who had ten valuable coins. When she lost one of them, she swept her entire house, diligently searching every corner of her house for that one lost coin. When she finally found it, she gathered all her friends and neighbors for a celebration, telling them, ‘Come and celebrate with me! I had lost my precious silver coin, but now I’ve found it.’ That’s the way God responds every time one lost sinner repents and turns to him. He says to all his angels, ‘Let’s have a joyous celebration, for that one who was lost I have found.’
Jesus places an extraordinary value on every lost soul! Although the coin was lost, it never lost its value. (They say the coin was worth around $1,200 US today). Luke 15:8. Passion Translators note, paraphrased.

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