Believers Will Believe and Miracles They’ll Receive!


Holy Spirit reminded me of the word, ‘2017, is the Year of the Sword.’ this week. I received this word last year after I had an encounter with an angel called TRUTH. As I pondered this word this week, I heard Holy Spirit say,

“Believers will believe and miracles they’ll receive!’

The HOPE of GLORY inside of you is revealing Himself to those around you! Strongholds are coming down and revelation of Father’s love is coming up! I see loved ones who’ve been tricked by the father of lies going from strife to life! MIRACLES YOU WILL SEE!

Through your pure devotion you’ll see promotion! Promotion in the sense of upgraded thinking! The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation is taking you from unbelief to belief. I see lies being replaced by truth and perfect love driving out fear! Your thoughts are coming into alignment with the Spirit of TRUTH (Jesus) as you worship Him in Spirit and truth!

As I was praying through this word I heard Holy Spirit whisper, “He trains my fingers for battle, my hands for war.” (Psalm 18:34). Worship is our warfare! In an atmosphere of WORSHIP, Wisdom and Revelation arise!


2017 is your year of breakthrough! Your birthright is the family of God! Where life begins and love never ends! I see the anointing of God flowing like honey through you! The provision that’s IN you, the HOPE of GLORY, leading souls in peace and prosperity. Deception and lies about the good nature of God are coming down!

2017 is the year of the sword! It’s time to take flight! On eagles wings you will arise!


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