Dreams Alive

Many dreamers are going to experience resurrection power to their dreams in this hour! The dream you once had when hope was high, you thought had died buried in the sands of time. Father says,

“Your dream is alive, let hope arise! It’s not dead, your dream is alive!”

Breaking out by the power of love! Get ready! He’s breathing upon you now, bringing those dreams to life!
By the power of love, you’ve weathered storms coming through victorious! Like you, your dream is alive!
I saw a seed pod cracked open fully! I saw the fire of God breathe on it and the seed sprung out full of life!

“Your dream is alive! Let hope arise! It’s not dead, your dream is alive!”

It’s time to dream again! The power of love resurrecting dreams from times gone by!
Get excited! The fire of God’s love is breathing upon it now! Stir up the dreamer in you allowing yourself to receive fresh fire! Your dream is not dormant, it’s not dead, it is alive! Your God dreams are bursting to life!


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