Eagles Nest- the overcoming life!


The army of God is arising, strong and mighty! Many are awakening to destiny, shaking off mental shackles, setting aside differences, linking arms and marching forward! Unity and fortitude, your courage through adversity thrill the heart of the Father! Jesus has provided ALL that you need to overcome against ALL odds! You’ve been given the mind of Christ and God with you, is breaking out through you!

This tenacity to overcome and endure against all odds are hallmarks of the Christian life! We are over-comers, because of Christ the HOPE of Glory inside of us! You are more than a conquror through Christ! There’s a tenacity and mental toughness to thrive and it’s found in the blueprint of the eagle. On eagles wings you rise! Isaiah 40:31


Australian author Col Stringer relates perseverance to the eagle. The eagle he says, is master of the sky. In his book “On Eagles Wings” Col writes,

“Nothing deters the eagle from bringing that blueprint into being, neither seemingly insurmountable odds, adversities or temporary set-backs. In the face of storms, fires, blizzards, earthquakes- no matter how often the nest is destroyed- the eagle will continue to rebuild it. He presses on toward the mark, never looking back to past failures. I have seen plenty that have been destroyed, but never one that the eagle has abandoned because the going was too tough.”

The resilience to bounce back is in your spiritual DNA! Things of the past will no longer hold you back! You will arise from the ashes and build! Forging on in God’s strength, full of JOY, full of LIFE! I see many of you receiving upgrade in your thinking as you receive supernatural strength to endure and overcome! Patience and endurance are in the faith package too!

This is the time like no other to call upon the Lord, to wait upon Him and to tap into His power source! Heaven’s blueprint is fresh and full of favor! It’s a time of new spiritual territory and new land marks! The fight is fierce, but the battle belongs to the Lord!! Each life is priceless! I see many of you building the life God intended for you! I see healthy whole families, I see salvations and I see restoration and unity in work places! A collective attitude that says, “Let’s rise and build!”

The heart of God is buzzing with life! I see you running with fire! Your fervent praise, sets hearts ablaze! Your very presence changes atmosphere’s! A devoted heart and mind, coupled with a willing attitude to go, is the key to setting captives free!

Psalm 24:7-10 The Passion Translation

“So wake up, you living gateways! Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny! Welcome the King of Glory, For he is about to come through you. You ask, “Who is this Glory-King?” The Lord, armed and ready for battle, The Mighty One, invincible in every way! So wake up, you living gateways and rejoice! Fling wide, you ageless doors of destiny! Here he comes; the King of Glory is ready to come in. You ask, “Who is this King of Glory?” He’s the Lord of victory, armed and ready for battle, The Mighty One, the invincible Commander of heaven’s hosts! Yes, he is the King of Glory!”


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