USA, God is restoring you to your first love!

I had a vision this morning of the heartbeat of America. In this vision, I saw the nation of America being kissed by THE KING! I saw the hands of God drawing her near. His everlasting arms wrapped around her, massaging her heart. Then I saw the words “Emmanuel, God with us!”
America is being restored to her first love! Healing is here.

I was reminded of the story in Matthew where the angel came to Joseph saying, “the power of the Holy Spirit has conceived a child in her womb. Don’t hesitate to take Mary into your home to be your wife.” (Matthew 1:18 The Passion Translation)

I believe the virgin birth is a metaphor in this hour for hearts being restored to their first love. As they see the power of God unfold in their midst as everything false and pretentious comes down!
From the grass roots up, I see the nation of America standing to her feet again. This is a time of tearing down the false as the nation arises once again on its foundation of TRUTH.

I see Americans becoming one in heart and mind once again. Aligned internally, healed from the past, free to move forward.

It’s no longer business as usual! A new day has dawned. Freedom, progress and prosperity!
This is the day of JUBILEE!!!
The winds of Heaven are blowing over the nation of America and in this next season America you will stand to your feet, a strong and mighty army!

I see restoration at the very core of your heart America!
Your heart is being restored to your FIRST LOVE!
There’s going to be a mighty move of the Spirit of God in your nation as the WORD of TRUTH goes forth!

Individuals, families, communities and States will become ONE in heart and mind! With vision you will flourish! Where there’s been rape and pillage and out-right theft of inheritance, where crops have dried up and farmers have walked off the land. Where bareness has led individuals and families to brokenness, I see the hand of God massaging hearts and healing coming to the fore across the nation in this new season!

The Government is going to tear down and start to re-build!
Expect a HAND UP! Not a hand out!
Boots on ground there’s work to be done!

America will stand as a nation together, proud of her founding father’s heritage! She will once again be known across the seas as the LAND OF THE BRAVE AND FREE!
The Word of God will become your daily bread!
Your newly elected President fights the good fight! The people have spoken!

The Spirit and Word will ignite and America will once again take flight!

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