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Christmas week 2015 we found out I was ten weeks pregnant with our post snip miracle! Days earlier, on December 16th not knowing I was pregnant I participated in a high level intensity water aerobics session. After being in the pool I had a very big bleed and by the following day it stopped. My thoughts were, ‘I being forty and my husband having had a vasectomy three years earlier, I must be going through the change of life!’ However, four days later I had a dream I was pregnant! Unable to shake the dream I bought a supermarket pregnancy test, later that morning tested it and it read positive! Bursting into tears, I rang a close friend!

“How can I be pregnant after a vasectomy?”
Positive test in hand, I rushed to the local GP who did another test which confirmed pregnancy hormones in my system. The Doctor rang a local radiology centre and I went in for a scan that morning. A large haemorrhage was evident. It was 60% of the gestational sac, but there was a LIVE baby there! The radiologist advised me to return in two weeks. I returned to the Dr the same day, scan notes in hand and was told, “Go home and hope for the best. You’re a high risk of miscarriage after this threatened miscarriage.”

On 3rd January 2016 I woke at midnight and passed two large clots of blood. We rushed into emergency. I prayed the whole way. Desperate to keep this pregnancy I remained calm. I longed to keep this baby! The clots were examined and the bleeding stopped. I was sent home and everything settled. A week later another loss occurred and we went back to emergency. After some further tests and scans, a Dr in the obstetrics team looking after me said,
“It’s touch and go, all you can do is go home and take it easy.”

When I left the hospital in the early hours after the second loss, I came home and read a testimony from Katherine Ruonala who wrote about her hand being healed in her book, “Wilderness to Wonders.” I recall experiencing a supernatural deposit of faith for healing as I read this specific testimony Katherine shared. I refused to accept the negative report and bathed myself in an environment of hope and healing.
I then contacted Nerida Walker and asked her to stand with me in prayer. I also contacted my local Pastors and a handful of faith filled close friends asking them to pray the pregnancy to term. From this time forward, the pregnancy progressed and our baby began to grow.

A month later, I had another dream relating to the pregnancy. In this dream a prophet friend in Sydney called Isi walked up to me and placed a baby in my arms. As I sat with this baby, I noted the label on the grow suit, it read 0. This is the symbol for a nine -month old baby! I woke from the dream with a fresh promise from the Holy Spirit that I’d carry this pregnancy to term!

July 2016 our MIRACLE Joshua was born! Joshua was delivered by caesarean section at 3.45pm and came out with five big bellows!

“Absolutely perfect! I’ve had nothing to do to stimulate his breathing!” said the paediatrician.
“Strong sucking reflex!” said the midwife.

Covered in vernix Joshua was placed on my chest and his circulation picked up in minutes. He began feeding soon after! Joshua has completed our hand full of five! Our absolute miracle from Heaven not only survived, but is set to thrive!


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