The River

“Come bathe in the river of my presence. Let my presence wash over you afresh this day. I am in the river and I am in you. I am taking you into all things new. I’m lifting heavy burdens off you. I’ve come to refresh you, to fill you anew. Fresh hope, fresh vision I say to you. I am your healer and I say come! Drop everything for a while and come! I long to share my heart with you. To fill you anew, to leave an imprint of dew on you. Come rest a while, take a break, rest in the river, let me be your delight.

Come bathe in my presence, come and wait a while, come and soak in my waters, I am your healer, I am your help, I am your hope!

You’ll experience the effortless ease of my spirit flowing in you as you take time to rest in the river. I am bringing greater clarity to you as you bask in the river. I am healing you. I am making the areas of your life that are broken whole. Wounds that weep, I will heal as you bask in the river. You are my delight and I love to see you walking healed and whole. All pain and shame is washed away in the river.

My eyes are ablaze with fire and I gaze upon you. My fire goes before you and my glory is your rear guard! I give you fresh fire and fresh desire! I dote over you and I gaze lovingly upon you! I have set my angels charge over you!

You mean everything to me. My ears hear your cry; I even hear your every heart-beat! My love is everlasting. I anchor you through the storm. I AM with you always!

The truth is you’re not going to miss out! You’re in my palm and I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO.

Every crack you see, I am seeping through. My golden glory is breaking through bringing you into all things new! Come and rest a while. New streams are beginning to flow through you, in the river you will find this flow! Come and rest a while.

In my presence is fullness of joy and at my right hand are pleasures forevermore! You are My diamond, my precious jewel! I have crowned you with my glory presence, it encircles you.

I have made you a fisher of men and everywhere you go fish will jump in the river! Together, we’ll do good things. The river is full of joy!

Now come and rest a while, rest in the river of love. The best things are birthed through rest and are found in the river of love,” says the spirit of God.

There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God. Psalm 46:4

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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