Trials, Troubles and Trauma Turned to Victory!

Many have faced intense trials and tribulations and the spirit of God wants to heal you from the trauma associated with those trials and troubles. I hear Him singing a NEW song over you. A NEW song you will sing. A NEW day has dawned! I see you skipping and frolicking in His presence ANEW. A fresh wind of the spirit enveloping you, refreshing dew, bringing you into all things NEW! I see you having a brand NEW perspective! No more …rehearsing and nursing past hurts. Freedom to your emotions, freedom to your mind, FREEDOM, I see!

This week over and over I’ve heard the hymn titled, ‘The Lord Has Given Us Land’ bubbling up from my spirit.

The Chorus reads,

‘With the high praises of God in our mouth and a two -edged sword in our hand, we’ll march right up on the victor’s side right into Canaan’s land!’

“No matter in the natural what you see, worship Me! Relish in My victory! Trials, troubles and trauma I will turn to VICTORY! Energy and vitality you will see as you worship Me. A divine transfer you will experience. I AM your Healer and I came to set you free!”

Devils flee as we decree the victory given at Calvary! This victory is our delegated authority. As we praise Him, devilish thoughts flee!
Worship is your warfare! I see the spirit healing wounds and releasing healing into areas in lives that are living in Babylon.

“Sorrow and sighing will flee away as you worship Me.”

God’s heart is FULL of compassion towards you and me! He is our HEALER, that sets us free- spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally! He LOVED you all the way to Calvary! His VICTORY is your trump card that’s set you free!

Shirley Powell wrote to most awesome victory song in 1975. I often sing it valiantly! The lyrics are powerful!

“Victory I have in Jesus Christ, forgiveness for he was crucified, wholeness in every part of me, deliverance his life has set me free. I’m reigning with Him upon the throne and conquering over Satan’s power below, living a life with Christ as Lord and King!”

He’s giving you fresh wings to fly!

I see hearts soaring freely, experiencing fresh dreams as they soar! He’s bringing you into more! The safest, purest place to be is in the centre of His heart. Let it go and you will grow. More of His presence. More of His power. More of His glory, flowing through you in this hour!

Your trials, troubles and trauma He’s turning to VICTORY!

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