Stewards Positioned and Commissioned

“My Glory rests upon you My pioneer. I’ve called you. You ARE chosen. I’ve positioned you and I’ve commissioned you! Nothing and no one can stop My purposes! Continue to put your trust in Me. I will part your red sea!”

“I call you by Name. You answer to Me. I AM the great I AM. The One who created you in your mother’s womb. I knew you before I spoke the earth into existence. You are Mine.”

“I will raise you up!”

“I lift you up from the mire and the clay and I say, “Chosen one, you are Mine. Your life and Mine entwine. Royal priest, child of destiny, I AM all you need to succeed!”

“A lush garden awaits you, filled with promises, glorious encounters with Me. I AM in you and you are in Me. Together, we’ll do great things says the spirit of God.”

“I AM the door of LIFE. You have influence and you make a difference! The power to bring Heaven to Earth lives in you!”

“I’ve called you to rule and reign in your domain!”

“Positioned, I’ve filled you with My power! Given you dominion over the fish of the sea. You are My steward. Go forth and multiply! You are commissioned!”

“I’ve created you to discover and create different types of resources.” (inventions, concepts etc.)

“You have a part to play! You have a voice! You have a say!”

“You’re not My pawn, nor My slave. I’ve made you a son and a daughter in My Father’s house! Family! You have an integral part to play!”

“It’s My joy to see you thriving, your life of intimacy found in Me. This is why you thrive, not merely survive! I AM your daily bread and My promises are YES and AMEN! The power of My Spirit keeps you moving forward with momentum. Keep asking for My help! I love to fuel you, I empower you! I’ve given you My mind and I strengthen you to work in and transform the natural world around you, transforming it, for good purposes! The sky is the limit!”

“The connections and the alignments that you need, I will provide. Dream with Me and let your heart soar! I have so much more in store! Your future is bright as the morning is light! TRUST ME. Together, we’ll carve out the future. Blazing trails as we go! I work all things together for good! Your love for Me is as white as snow. I love seeing you glow!”

You will not be swept away by the sea, tossed to and fro, you are anchored to HOPE! My anchor holds through the storms of life.”

“I AM hope. Peace is your rudder. I AM the Prince of Peace. Joy your strength! My joy, My Gift to you!”

“ARISE and SHINE in your sphere of influence! I’ve given you My Kingdom Keys that open doors of destiny! You’ll see incredible breakthrough in your community and in your sphere of influence in the days to come! You bring Kingdom order into your local Government. You bring Kingdom order into your family and the families that open their doors to you. You bring My order into the local church by participating and partnering with those I’ve appointed to lead and train.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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