The Party

I had the most extraordinary dream last night and the setting was a great big party! It was a party that was full of purity and life! One massive celebration! In the dream there were rooms within rooms.

I was walking through all these rooms and in one room, I was sitting on a throne next to an earthly king. He had identity issues and held onto my hand so tight. He clung on for dare life. With love, mercy and compassion, I was able to guide and advise him with Kingd…om authority. In another room, I was a guest at a royal wedding.

Then, I saw in the next room people from my local community. The policeman down the road and his family. The local politician and the cleaner at the supermarket was there too. All these people I’ve connected with, had opportunity to share with and are yet to meet were at the party!

As I walked into the main room (which was like a growing garden party), I saw people had their meat on the barbecue and were feasting, no one seemed to be leaving and the party just got bigger and bigger!

Opening the front door in the next scene, in skipped a mentor/spiritual leader from my youth. This gentleman currently in palliative care in his elderly years, came bounding in the door as a young man! He placed a box full of photos and memories on the table and handed me a bag of meat! The pictures spilled all over the floor. They told stories I shared with this man and his dear wife. Wonderful memories of God’s love experienced through their ministry 30 years ago!

The front door kept opening! People were celebrating, barbecuing bags of meat, playing games and no one left as the party never ended!

Then I woke up.

Father says,

“Heaven’s one big party! When you stand before Me, all I see is My perfect purity and all the people you’ve touched through Me!”

“The Muslim check out lady you took time to be kind to. The cleaner out the front of the supermarket who shared her life and you shared My love. The CEO you ‘happened’ to meet in the school yard, whose marital situation was falling apart. You reached out sharing My unconditional love right from the start!

“All the precious people you connected with demonstrating My love, My power. They’re coming through in this hour! (Jesus- the front gate).

“Thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made to partner with Me (bags of meat).”

“All I look for is a willing heart. Then I do My part. Divine connections and opening spiritual eyes is My part as you share My heart.”

“The woman who’s just lost her job, the local politician who needs My wisdom. I give you the keys to men’s hearts!”

“Run with the fire! You are strong and you are courageous! The Kingdom of Heaven is exploding like wild fire!”

“Keep your heart open, your eyes flint on Me. You’re a minister of reconciliation! I am your reward and some day soon, together we’ll celebrate at the party that never ever ends!”


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