Ushering in the King of Glory!

I saw a picture this morning of the earth and I saw people like trees in this vision. The Spirit of God was flowing through the trees sweeping across the earth and the glory of God was in the middle and around each tree. The glory was spinning faster than the speed of light!

I was reminded of the Scripture in Genesis 2:7 when God spoke the Universe into existence. He then created man out of the dust of the earth and breathed breath into his nostrils.

We are oaks of righteousness in Christ! Planted in the Lord. A display of His splendor! He gives us beauty for ashes! (Isaiah 61:3).The metaphor here is that we have roots that go down deep to the eternal river. Jesus, river of LIFE. You’re planted in the Lord, for the display of His splendor. He shines in and through your yielded partnered life!

I saw the body of Christ, individuals, all planted in the Lord in this vision with roots that go down deep. Roots anchored to HOPE. Anchored to FAITH. Anchored to LIFE.

Roots anchored to the source of LOVE. Vessels of LOVE.

The glory of God was swirling all around. Across the entire face of the earth in and around and through the trees. As the Word was being released through the oaks of righteousness, I saw the axioms of the earth spinning at an accelerated speed. I saw fire balls containing the glory of God, full of the ALL CONSUMING LOVE AND POWER OF GOD coming out of the mouths of individuals.

I saw the supernatural breaking out amidst people at an accelerated pace. Eyes of understanding being opened among unbelievers and a revelation of Jesus coming to the fore as the Word was going forth.

Together, the trees (the body of Christ) were ignited and I saw this raging inferno that spread across the entire earth, ushering in the KING OF GLORY.

Then I saw the train of His Robe coming into the earth and it was absolutely magnificent! (Isaiah 6:3). This moment we have been created for to meet our maker! There was such an excitement as I saw the Lord coming into the earth in all His beauty.

The times that we are living in are accelerated times. Media is a KEY vehicle that God is working in and through. Church websites, blogs, social media, TV, radio- all forms of media are tools to be utilized to release the GOOD NEWS. To testify of His GOODNESS as we revel in ALL He IS and ALL HE HAS done and IS doing!

As we, His sons and daughters faithfully steward the gifts and talents and persevere with faith and patience we will inherit the promises!! YOU have a voice. There’s no one like you.

As you release the Word, the anointing of God is on those words. I see fire balls coming out of your mouth on those words! I want to encourage you not to underestimate the authority and the power that’s invested in you. The King of glory lives in you. The earth is desperate to taste and see that that One you love and serve is GOOD!

Continue following His heart in obedience. Continue being faithful. You will be rewarded greatly!

There’s an acceleration, there’s greater glory encounters and there’s unity in this move of God.

His global Church moving forward, sweeping the earth. Countless lives across the face of earth, anchored to the river of LIFE.

There’s fire on the tops of the trees and this inferno, this blazing, raging inferno, represents the glory of God being released on the earth! This is what will usher in the KING.

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